Rabbids Invasion - Rabbid on Trial

Rabbids Invasion - Rabbid on Trial

The Full Episode Video from The Rabbids Invasion YouTube Channel.

Rabbid on Trial is the 13th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Lapinibernatus falls victim to the Rabbid justice system.


Lapinibernatus is ready to go back to the prehistoric era. However, the machine doesn't work properly as a half eaten donut is stuck inside its engine. Lapinibernatus grabs a crowbar and tries to open the back door of the TV time machine. He accidentally gets grease on his eyes, leaving one of the FBI Rabbids to think that he is a burgular and that he is trying to destroy the machine. He tries to stop him but fails.

Lapinibernatus then tries to warp again but the donut is sill causing the machjine to malfunction. Causing him to warp in front of the abandoned bus and to land on a policeman rabbid and the female detective. While he is fixing the machine again, the female gets inside his machine, causing him to take her to the prehistoric era with him. Whilst in the present the male detective is trying to figure out what is going on, eventually coming to the conclusion that Lapinibernatus kidnapped the femele detective. Switching the scene back to the prehistoric era, we see Lapinibernatus being chased by the female by a piece of meat. He manages to escape her by warping to the present but accidentally takes the meat and her wig as well. When he gets back, he is arrested and is being charged for kidnapping and eating the female (due to the meat and wig). They are ready to throw him in prison. However, before they do, the female sends a selfie to her friend, showing she is alive and well, causing all the charges to be dropped. At the end, we see the female still stuck in the prehistoric era, being scared of by a giant carnivorous plant.

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