Rabbids Invasion - Rabbid on Repeat

Rabbids Invasion - Rabbid on Repeat

The Full Episode Video from The Rabbids Invasion YouTube Channel.

Rabbid on Repeat is the 5th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


After the Rabbids repeatedly keep crushing a gift for Lapinibernatus, he uses his time traveling device to go back and try to open his gift before it gets destroyed again.

Summary Edit

Finally finished with his TV time machine, Lapinibernatus happily attempts to get to his time. However, the rabbids get him out and give him a surprise party with a gift. Overjoyed by this, Lapinibernatus goes to get his gift, until a rabbid accidentally causes a helium tank to fall on it. Saddened, Lapinibernatus decides to go back in time to stop the gift from being destroyed. He goes back and move the gift to the right so it doesn't get crushed. He succeeds in saving the gift, until the helums tank get's tipped over and crushes the gift again. He goes back once again and completely removes it from the tank's vicinity. However, the gift get's crushed by a tire. He goes back again, takes the gift and get's in the portable toilet, but the gift get's flushed. Finally, he realizes that the reason the gift get's crushed is because of a rabbid he accidentally hit whilst getting out. He goes back again and makes sure not to hit him. He opens the gift, only for it to be revealed that it is a cat noise making box, instead of a real cat like he hopes. He throws the box away and tries to get to his machine. However, the box causes another chain reaction which eventually destroys the TV time machine.