Rabbid of the Third Kind is the 76th episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion. It is also Part 1 of the three-part Season finale.

Plot Edit

John the scientist tries an experiment on three Rabbids.

Summary Edit

In the lab, John tries to prove to Gina that there are more kinds of rabbids, with the third kind being the intelligent one. He tries to do this through a donut test. However, the experiment fails and Gina is left unimpressed by John's work. Angered, he decides to prove his theory by using his own gadget (improved this time) to increase the rabbids's intelligence without him being present. It seems to be working, until the gadget overloads and instead of making the rabbids intelligent it causes their biological state to be changed. Causing them to obtain superpowers. Finally free from the scientists, the three rabbids fly out of the lab into the city. Whilst John decides to take matters into his own hands........