The Rabbid mafia gang are the main antagonists of the Rabbids Invasion episodes Mafia Rabbids and the two-parter Rabbidbowl-part 1 and Rabbidbowl-part 2

In it they refuse to give two rabbids some pepper juice,so the two blend in with them (kind of) so they can steal it.However they capture them and attempt to torture them through tickling.But upon seeing a cute drawing on one of their foot.The leader let's them go for a free drawing.The rest of the gang strap pepper juice all over the second one and shake him which blasts him right into space.

In Rabbidbowl, the the rabbids starting their Rabbidbowl (a sport that has the rabbids getting a brick through tires) tournament, with Mini-Rabbid, Gorilla Rabbid and a nerdy rabbid as the fans. Lapinibernatus gets annoyed by this and tries to leave in the TV time machine. However, it doesn't work because the power source, the Electro Plunger is missing. Lapinibernatus sees that the plunger is being used as the ultimate prize of winning the tournament. He demands to have it back, but this does nothing. He then sees that the mach is over and that the match is starting. He decides to use this as an advantage, he gathers up the three fans on the bench and forms his own team. However, their mach is against Professor Mad Rabbid and his Mad Rabbidroids. At first, the situation doesn't go well, but Lapinibernatus manages to get the three players do better. However, Professor Mad Rabbid, showing a more cheating side, plants a tracker on the brick and uses a remote to constantly score goals. Ultimately causing Lapinibernatus's team to lose, thus leading Mad Rabbid's team to the finals agains the Mafia Gang, who cheated their way through as well. At the end a rabbid who was vacuuming a floor discovers what happened and that the Professor cheated, and a To Be Continued screen shows up.

In Part 2, pPicking up where we left off, we see Professor Mad Rabbid and his Mad Rabbidroids celebrate in a rabbid bar, only to get exposed for cheating by a rabbid and getting arrested. This causes Lapinibernatus's team to get a second chance on winning the tournament. They see their next opponents, the Rabbid mafia gang, and decide to train in order to beat them. Lapinibernatus gives it his best to train the three odd players and to get them in their best shape. On the day of the big match, the mafia gang immediately start to win. However, the team manages to get it together and get in a tie with the Mafia Gang. However, the leader apprehends the coach and takes his place, disqualifying the team's strongest member, the Gorilla rabbid for absolutely no reason at all. However, the Gorilla rabbid manages to help ether way by using his brute strength to defeat the cheating Mafia Gang. Afterwards, Mini-Rabbid saves the day after managing to get the brick into the opposing goal, winning the game. The Mafia gang are exposed and disqualified, while Lapinibernatus gets his part back, only for the brick to destroy his TV time machine. Regardless, Lapinibernatus still feels very happy for what they have achieved

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