Rabbid Twin is the 15th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Professor Mad Rabbid clones his assistant.


Professor Mad Rabbid has succeeded in creating the world's first ever cloning machine. He manages to clone his assistant, revealing that it works. As he lets the two play, he decides create dozens of donuts as a food supply for the rabbids. However, his two assistants keep messing up his lab. So he traps one into a dumpster, and warps the clone into the desert with the TV time machine. He then continues his work, whilst the two clones are trying to find each other but with no progress. They try to find replacements of each other, but neither of them make it work. The present rabbid decides to make more clones of himself after seeing Mad Rabbid leave his lab with a truckload of donuts. While the desert rabbid manages to find the TV time machine and warps himself back to the junkyard. They see each other and reunite, while being greeted by a very large number of clones.