Rabbid Tummy Rumble is the 62nd episode of Rabbids Invasion


A rabbids stomach rumbles.


The episode begins with multiple rabbids observing a man sleeping on the bench. They dig around his stuff and find lots of things, including food. They all eat the food except one, whose food keeps getting stolen by his friends. After all of the food is gone, the rabbid's stomach causes to loudly rumble. Having never heard something like this before, the rabbids instantly get frightened by this and back away from the rumbling rabbid. However, he doesn't understand what is happening so he tries to see what's up. He finally realizes and decides to use this to his advantage, he makes the rabbids bring him food. However, after eating, the rabbid's stomach stops rumbling. Causing relief in other rabbids, soon, the rabbid starts farting, and they all laugh at this. Ending the episode.