Rabbid Theory is the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Plot Edit

John the scientist picks up Lapinibernatus as a test subject

Summary Edit

John welcomes his boss to his lab and decides to show him his research on Rabbids as one of the most idiotic species to live in order to get recognition. To do this he abducts three rabbids, one of them being the Ancestor, in order to humiliate and hurt them to show that they are worthless. He manages to eliminate the first two rabbids easily. However, the Ancestor doesn't give up without a fight. He beats all of John's challenges and even lures him to the testing chamber. They engage in a game of chess in which the Ancestor wins. John then decides to beat him at a sport- Basketball, in order to prove the ancestor is dumb like the others. He even goes as far as to taunt the ancestor. However, his boss realises that Lapinibernatus is indeed smart, and how cruel John is. So he finally does something by kicking John out of the lab and into the Rabbids junkyard, while keeping Lapinibernatus as a partner.

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