Rabbid Test:The Chair is the 56th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


Cody and Jessica give the rabbids chairs so they can see what happens.


The episode begins with three rabbids gettting thrown in the lab. Knowing what happens in the lab the rabbids desperately try to get out, but fail. John and Gina begin their test by giving the rabbids a chair, but they don't know what to do so they play with it. Gina gets frustrated with them as she screams in vain, she then gives them a chair that doesn't need to unfold. She sees one of the Rabbids trying to understand how to sit on the chair. She tries to relax thinking that he would sit on it until he farted making Gina really annoyed with another big scream. They then give them a ladder, but one rabbid's head gets stuck in the ladder and he tries to get out, until he realizes how much fun he is having. The rabbids then start to play again as Gina once again asks John to make a lot of coffee.


  • The main antagonist: John and Gina
  • Jessica says "Oh my god." in this episode. Showing she has a religion.