Rabbid Test N°98005-c: The Blue Rabbid is the 54th episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


John and Gina are causing a fight between the rabbids by painting some of them blue.


The episode begins with multiple rabbids waking up in the lab and uncontrollably farting in it whilst doing various hilarious things. They soon faint, while John and Gina talk about their test. They paint one rabbid blue, causing his friends to think he has a disease, they send him in the corner, crying whilst mocking him. Soon, however, another rabbid is painted blue, and the two rabbids unite. Soon, even more rabbids are painted blue, balancing the two forces. The two groups soon get in a dance fight ,using various dance moves from around the world to attack each other. The blue team soon wins. But Gina paints one half of the last standing rabbid into white, causing another fight, however, the multicolored rabbid unites the two teams. At the end, Gina paints one rabbid red, but instead of causing another fight, they all simply laugh.


  • The main antagonist(s): John and Gina
  • This episode seems to deal with discrimination.
  • White Rabbids: Mark, Chad and Rick
  • Blue Rabbids: Steve, Frankie, Ryan and Tyler