Rabbid Test N°98008-c The Platform is the 33rd episode of Rabbids Invasion.


Scientists John and Gina are testing the rabbids by giving them a switch


The scientists drop two rabbids to their lab, after the second one wakes up the two hang out. Afterwards, the scientists drop a switch and both instantly try to get it. Soon they realise that it opens platforms under them, so they fight again and they both lose it. As one of the rabbids raises the platform his opponent is on, but also does that to himself. A new rabbid is released who lowers them, but after they start fighting again he tries to click the switch multiple time. Gina, the female scientist presses a button that drops the second rabbid down through the platform. Leaving only the first rabbid and the new rabbid. The scientists decide to make them turn on each other even more by adding multiple switches, turning it into a contest, finally, a rabbid finds the real one and drops his opponent down the platform as well. However, whilst celebrating he himself falls down as well. This causes the scientists to start their experiment all over again, due to no rabbids winning in the end.


  • The main antagonist(s):John and Gina