Rabbid Test The platform is the 39th episode of Rabbids Invasion .


A rabbid is supposed to help his friend escape,but  it did not end up that way.


The scientists are doing another experiment. A rabbid is supossed to help another rabbid escape, but the other one doesn't trust him. They are in a room divided  by a glass shield. The first rabbid must press a button on one side, to open a door on the other, then the other rabbid can exit the door. However, they only hang out and don't even notice the giant button until Gina points it out to them, but they still don't know what to do with it. Angered by the stupidity of the rabbid, Gina switches places between the two rabbids. However, when the second one actually presses the button and sees that the way out is opened, he tries to tell his friend but the exit always closes too early. Soon, Gina completely eliminates the glass wall, so the second rabbid can get out himself, but he always runs out of time. Furious, Gina tells John they should just try this out on frogs. Ending the episode.


  • The main antagonist(s):John and Gina