Rabbid Soundtrack is the 18th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


A Rabbid discovers a pair of headphones.


The episode begins with Zak listening to music on his headphone, which intrigues a rabbid. Soon, a rabbid warping throught time with the TV time machine comes looking for the beach and accidentally knocks Zak out. The first rabbid takes the headphones and listens to the songs on the MP3 player. He listens to all kind of songs at the junkyard, with the rabbids having no idea what he's dancing to. Two rabbids take the player and make him dance in all sorts of ways, until the TV time machine travelling rabbid once again tries to find the beach but lands and knocks out the two rabbids. This causes the dancing rabbid to get to the territory of a dangerous rabbid with a stash of fireworks. The dancing rabbid gets into a fight with the dangerous one by listening to a rap song and defeating him. However, the TV time machine rabbid returns and accidentally gets stuck into the firework stash as well as lighting it up, whilst the dancing rabbid's MP3 player runs out of batteries. However, the Rabbid Brass band, followed by many other rabbids make their own music to help the dancer rescue the trapped rabbid. The episode ends with a grand finale performed by the Rabbids.

Songs Edit