Rabbud Real Estate Rampage is the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series).

Plot Edit

A builder wants to build a house on the Rabbids' junkyard

Summary Edit

As Lapinibernatus is preparing to get back to his own time with his device, the trucker seen in an early episode comes to build a house on the Rabbid junkyard. However, in order to ensure the rabbids don't bother him he locks them away, including Lapinibernatus. The rabbids soon begin acting like prison inmates. They ask Lapinibernatus for help but it doesn't work, as the builder keeps checking on them and locking them away if they try to escape. However, Lapinibernatus manages to dig a hole in the ground and use a giant stack of pepper juice cans to launch himself underground. He manages to send the builder into a commercial board and finally lands back in the junkyard. He tries to finally get into the time machine, but the rabbids grab him and celebrate in his name. Causing the time machine to go back in time without him.

Trivia Edit

·Antagonist: Wesley the mad trucker