Rabbid Re-Freeze is the twenty-second episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Lapinibernatus tells his young apprentice the story of how he was frozen in time.


The episode begins with Lapinibernatuss finishing the TV time machine and biding his apprentice farewell as he tries to go back to his own time. However, his apprentice is saddened by this so he decides to stay to tell him how he even got here in the first place. A flashback sequence begins where the events of the episode Jurassic Rabbid are seen. After telling him this and giving him a pitcure of himself frozen, Lapinibernatus tries to enter the TV time machine but is stopped by the Chef Bunny and another cooking rabbid. The two accidentally freeze him in block of ice. Afterwards, the two have a fish cooking competition until they run out of fish. After seeing a frozen Lapinibernatus the cooking duo conclude he can be cooked and eaten. Thankfully, the apprentice manages to defeat the duo and evade them by warping back to the TV time machine. However, he accidentally brings Lapinibernatus back to hte day he was found frozeN. Revealing that all this time Lapinibernatus's freezing and thawing was all made in one huge loop.


  • Clips for "Jurassic Rabbid" is re-used.
  • Antagonist(s): Chef Bunny and his competitor.