Rabbid Quiz is the 25th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


The Rabbids take over a TV game show.


The episode begins with Lapinibernatus working on a TV time machine, until two rabbids destroy it with their cannon. They continue to shoot at Lapinibernatus and hit him with a radio, on which he hears about a quiz show where one could win a new TV. Lapinibernatus rushes to the TV warehouse and tries to participate but is kicked out. Soon, however, the two rabbids accidentally break in the warehouse and scare everyone away. They decide to take over the TV channels and force Lapinibernatus to be a part of the quiz. He first answers a question, but things get complicated when the rabbids force him to be a part of a reality show, then a talk show, then a commercial, then a children's puppet show, then a weatherman and finally lead him back to the last question. Lapinibernatus answers it correctly and wins the TV. However, when he returns to the junkyard he realizes that he won a flat screen TV, and not the one he needed. Angered, he simply lets the rabbids destroy it.


  • Rabbid Dummy makes the second appearence, the first is Rabbid Dummy.