Rabbid Parasol is the 61st episode of  Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids are having trouble with the wind.


It begins with two hungry rabbids dedicated to get and eat a prentzel, however, a seagull comes in the way and tries to do the same thing. Unfortunately, the wind keeps blowing so hard that the prentzel keeps flying around. The rabbids decide to use a parasol to capture the seagull so he doesn't bother them. However, the strong wind causes the opened parasol to fly away with a rabbid. With the other rabbid trying to help him. The fight for the prentzel gets worse as the wind blows stronger. Soon, the prentzel lands into a picnic basket of a woman leaving the beach with her son. This causes the rabbids and the seagull to go into depression. They decide to relax and sit on a rock. They see a starfish that bothers them and throw it away. At the end, the wind causes the starfish to land exactly on the fourth wall.

Trivia Edit

  • Antagonist: Seagull