Rabbid Nightmare is the twenty-third episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Zak and his grandma head to the woods for a camping trip.


The episode begins with Lapinibernatus getting ready to once again try to get back home. However, this time he is stopped by a rabbid photographer, who accidentally causes the TV time machine to warp them to a forest. There, Zak and his grandmother go on a camping trip. Meanwhile, Lapinibernatus and the photographer rabbid meet a hard landing, causing Lapinibernatus's source of power for the time machine to drop out. After hearing a noise, Zak comes and sees what happened, he takes the power source while the photograph rabbid meets his grandmother, who concludes he is a criminal and starts chasing him with a chainsaw. Lapinibernatus communicates to Zak and pleads him to give him back the power source, but Zak declines and runs away. He runs into his grandmother, who was knocked out after tripping on wood, and sees the rabbid photogrhapher holding her chainsaw. After a fight with the photographer, Zak drops the power source. Lapinibernatus then manages to take it and put it back in the machine. But is then hit by the photographer rabbid, who lost control over the chainsaw. He then hits the time machine and changes it's time period. The photographer manages to get in the machine, while Lapinibernatus barely clings to it. They end up in the prehistoric era, and are chased off by a carnivorous plant.