Rabbid Mate is the 11th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.

Plot Edit

Lapinibernatus and a group of Rabbids battle over control of a robot.

Summary Edit

As Lapinibernatus is playing chess with himself, he sees a Rabbid parade, which happens to include a rabbidroid. They accidentally lose it, and Lapinibernatus finds him and plays chess with him. However, the rabbids try to take the Rabbidroid back, but with no success. Later, they trap Lapinibernatus in a portable toilet. But he manages to escape, defeat the rabbids with a handmade weapon, and tries to takes the rabbidroid back. However, little does he know that the rabbidroid is actually another rabbid in disguise. At night, the rabbids come for the disguised one, but Lapinibernatus catches them and realises their scheme. At the end, they make a deal, in which Lapinibernatus is allowed to play chess with the Rabbidroid, provided those two are included in their moving vehicle during their parade.