Rabbid Knights is the 16th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Two Rabbids go back into the medieval ages.


The episode begins with two rabbids warping in the medieval ages and taking a knights helmet and metal glove whilst avoiding a minstrel who sings terribly. They go to the present where the one wearing the helmet gets fame for his accomplishments, while the gloved one is completely neglected. The helmet wearing rabbid quickly builds a fortress on top of the Junkyard ramp. Angered for being ignored and made fun of, the gloved one trains two rabbids to help him conquer his rivals fortress. They try to use fishing poles to reach the top but the helmet rabbid cuts the ropes and sends them falling down. Later, they try using plungers to climb up but end up having cacti thrown at them. However, the helmet rabbids quickly runs out of things to throw, so he throws his girlfriend off. Unfortunately for him, he himself falls off the ramp. The two rabbids decide to settle this in jousting. But they both keep getting into ties. After they accidentally stick plungers to their faces, they decide to settle the feud in a sword fight. They then accidentally get in the TV time machine, and upon returning back they also bring the minstrel with the terrible voice, who ends the feud by his singing, which horrifies most of the rabbids. Ending the episode.