Rabbid Invaders is the 31st episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


A teenager named Zak thinks the Rabbids are taking over the world

Plot Edit

The episode starts with the Rabbids in the supermarket play the iPod looking images, Rabbids look search. Rabbids gaves the iPod looking image Rabbid in the Beach he slips the images The Santa Cluas on the image, he zooms slips up and pointing, he hit the Rabbid's face with the Back of the iPod, he looking, he points at the shopping kart. Rabbids runs away. He gets out of super market and put in the shopping kart and Grandma runs and yelling at the shopping kart, Grandma thorws the toilet paper, Rabbids hands to bye bye. In the neighborhood, Rabbids holds down the iPod in the shopping kart. 

Trivia Edit