Rabbid Handcuffs (also known as Handcuffs Rabbids) is the 29th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Lapinibernatus gets handcuffed to one of the FBI Rabbids and is forced to help him capture the Thief Rabbid after he steals the plunger-like power source for Lapinibernatus' Time Machine.


The episode begins with a FBI rabbid putting a Thief Rabbid in custody. Soon, however, the rabbid escapes and continues his crime spree. The first target being the Plunger-like power source of Lapinibernatus's TV time machine. The FBI rabbid comes and tries to capture the crook but the thief manages to stall for time by framing Lapinibernatus, who gets handcuffed to the FBI rabbid. The Thief rabbid takes the FBI rabbid's vehicle and escapes, but soon crashes into Alice's bike, forcing him to continue on foot. Lapinibernatus and FBI rabbid pursue him but are tricked when the Thief Rabbid uses the foam of a fire extinguisher to disguise himself, fooling the duo long enough to steal Zak's skateboard and escape again. The duo take Alice's bike and continue to pursue the Thief, but he manages to defeat them using the bubble gum he holds in a plunger on his head. However, the trail of bubble gum leads the duo to the Thief's lair. Which is full of plungers of different sizes and colors, revealing the Thief has a bigger obsession over plungers than any other rabbid. He uses a plunger packed with weapons and tries to attack the duo. However, thanks to the FBI rabbid eating the entire trail of bubble gum, he makes a gum balloon so big that when it popped, it caused the Thief to get stuck on the wall. With his plunger returned, Lapinibernatus tries to activate his TV time machine, but sees it gone. Revealing that the FBI rabbid has imprisoned the Thief in the inactive TV time machine.