Rabbid Halloween is the 68th episode of of Rabbids Invasion

Plot Edit

The rabbid are trying to trick or treat so they can get some food

Summary Edit

Two rabbids see children go around the street trick or treating to get come candy. The rabbids decide to do this as well, they use some stuff they found to make masks and draw faces on it. Unfortunately, the do not draw holes to see, this causes them to go around, causing traffic delays and trying to find a door to knock on to get some candy. They try to knock on many things that sound like doors, but each time they end up with nothing. Soon, however, they come across two boys who got healthy things from an old woman. The boys leave the healthy food, causing the rabbid to get it. Satisfied with their success in getting ''candy'', they decide to dig in, but they don't want to take off their masks so they draw mouths on it. Unfortunately, they are still unable to eat. Causing great confusion and disappointment. Ending the episode.

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