Rabbid Fishing is the 38th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


The Rabbids try to revive a frozen fish by throwing him back in the ocean.


The episode begins with a rabbid sliding on a box with a frozen fish in the mall. He heads back to the Junkyard where he tries to use it to jump to the moon. However he fails. Unfortunately, that's the least of his problems, as his Rabbid friends think that the fish inside it is alive. Shocked, they try to help the fish by putting it in a fish bowl, but fail. However, the first rabbid concludes that by putting the fish in a bigger body of water, it will live again. So, he and his friend decide to use the TV Time Machine to find a lake or an ocean. Sadly, wherever they go they face dissapointment. As they end up in a desert, the moon (which they do not even notice; come on already) a small lake and finally end in the artctic. They finally try to throw the fish in the ocean but are stopped by a hungry man who takes the fish. Matters get worse when a flock of penguins comes and as the second rabbid gets hungry and craves for fish aswell. Fortunately, the first rabbid grabs and throws thefish in the ocean................................where it gets eaten. At the end, the rabbids come back, only to discover a dinosaur trapped in a cereal box