Rabbid Dummy is the 57th episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series).

Plot Edit

A Rabbid falls in love with a ventriloquist dummy.

Summary Edit

A crazy female rabbid falls in love with a ventriloquist dummy. Thinking it is an actual person, she becomes obsessed and forces the rabbid entertainer to make the dummy move and speak. She forces him to do various things that hurts him, until an accident happens, which makes the female to believe the dummy is dead and calls the FBI rabbids to solve the case. The rabbid ventriloquist hides in a dumpster. Soon the FBI rabbids accuse the female for the murder and arrest her. The medic rabbids throw the dummy in the dumpster with the ventriloquist, he realizes he is safe, until the dummy moves by himself. He runs as far as he can, terrified, only for it to be revealed that that was just a simple cat making the dummy move.

Trivia Edit