Rabbid Doggies is the 55th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids are playing with dogs.


The episode begins with two rabbids trying to form a parade. While one rabbid is completely focused, the other one is very bored. He soon finds a ball chew toy, and upon making it squeak, a dog comes closer and closer to him. After finally seeing the dog, the rabbid realizes that he is attracted to the toy. He decides to play with the dog by making go after the ball and playing various games with him. The first rabbid gets very jealous, so he finds a small dog to play with. However, unlike the second rabbid and his dog, the first one only has problems with his dog as it keeps attacking him. Angered, he tries to take the ball that bonded the second rabbid and his dog, but fails. At the end, the second rabbid swallows the ball, attracting and befriending the second dog as well, the rabbids and the dogs then make a parade that attracts other rabbids.

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