Rabbid Assistants is the 17th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Professor Mad Rabbid and his assistant hunt for donuts.


The episode begins with Professor Mad Rabbid and his assistant looking for parts he needs to make his donut locating device. They get all the parts except one, the alarm light on Lapinibernatus's TV time machine. They quickly take it and make the device. Afterwards, Lapinibernatus comes and sees that the light is missing, he demands Mad Rabbid to give it back but with no success. Later, Mad Rabbid fires his assistant for not listening to him, so Lapinibernatus decides to take the job in order to take his light. He lures and locks Mad Rabbids into a fridge and tries to take the part and run away, but is stopped by the original assistant. Mad Rabbid then decides to have them both as assistants, and to take turns on the device. However, Lapinibernatus manages to get one of the donuts they were hunting for and threatens to eat it if Mad Rabbid doesn't give him his light. They do so and Lapinibernatus can finally go back to his own time. However, he instead warps to a supermarket, where it is revealed that Mad Rabbid and his assistant modified the TV time machine to make it locate donuts as well.