Rabbid Amnesia is the 72nd episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Plot Edit

Zak wakes up in the desert with amnesia and uses a video he made to help retrace his steps.

Summary Edit

Zak wakes up in the desert with a cow, a bag of money and rabbid ears on him. He finds a tape recorder that will help him retrace his steps. It is seen that a rabbid stalking incident has accidentally got him into trouble with a robber and the police chasing him. They soon end up in a rolling container that eventually leads the robber to be arrested, but the police still think Zak is guilty, so the chase him, and he ends up crashing and fainting in the desert. However, at the end his name is cleared when the police realize that it is all the rabbids fault, who is already gone.