Rabbid Ahoy is the 39th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


The Rabbids dress as pirates and take to the high seas.


The episode begins with the Rabbids warping with the TVTM to the mall. Here they find pirate clothes, so they decide to wear them and become pirates. They customize the Time Machine into a pirate ship and start searching for gold. They see a gold-colored foil and put it in a chest, since they consider it as gold. They search for more loot by taking stuff from people's shopping carts, until one woman kicks the coordinate pad on the machine. Causing them to end up on the arctic. They continue their quest there, but tension soon rises as the captain bullies his first mate. Causing the first mate to become more and more angry. He then snaps and takes the chest while the captain sleeps. When he wakes up, he sees the first mate escaping in a pool ring with the chest. The captain takes chase and although at first he goes too slow, he manages to catch up by grabbing a fishing pole and penetrating the ring with the hook. They eventually hit the Time Machine and start warping through several periods until they get in the present on a truck. The fight continues until they cause a crash with the truck and a bank van filled with gold. Soon the foil gets destroyed so they decide to work together again to get the gold from the van, but end up once again warping and missing the gold.