Rabbid 00Zilch is the 73rd episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Plot Edit

A rouge Rabbid plans to destroy the moon.

Summary Edit

After making a rocket fit enough to go to the moon, the rabbids quickly blast off to reach their goal. However, one rabbid, who was eager to go, was left behind. So, angered and hurt, he turns evil and upon the others failed attempt to go to the moon. He posts a message where he reveals he built a real working rocket and is ready to destroy the moon. However, one rabbid, trained under Dr. Mad Rabbid, sets off to stop him James Bond style. Soon they get into a big fight, with the rabbid agent managing to overpower the supervillain. He manages to change the target, unfortunately the new target is the band aid he has on his forehead. Luckily he puts the band aid on the supervillain rabbid and escapes the explosion. With the moon now safe, he goes back to the junkyard, while the supervillain remains injured and dazed.

Trivia Edit

  • The entire episode is a parody of the James Bond movies.