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Rabbids are an indigenous race of extra-terrestrial rabbit-like creatures who have invaded Earth for entertainment purposes. They are very, dimwitted, and eccentric and do not need air. They are the titular protagonists of the franchise. They were created by Michel Ancel.

   Habitat Edit

Rabbids are very carefree and wild, because of this they are known to live pretty much any place they desire. They can be found in the streets, local malls, storage rooms, museums, among other places. Despite these places, Rabbids are notably fond of sleeping in junkyards



Yoann Perrier, Damien Laquet (Rabbids Invasion)

Allies Rabbid Brass Band, Serguei, Professor Barranco 3 (formerly), Bob The Dog, Trolls, Humans, Chickens, The Moon
Enemies Rayman (arch-enemy), Humans (formerly), The Verminators, Dogs, Neatbots and Deputy Garrett (formerly), Chick (sometimes), Magician Rabbid, Professor Barranco 3, Bob The Dog (formerly)
Other Names Bunnies
Weapons Plunger, Toilet brush
Quote BWAAAAAH!, Bye Bye.


Serguei, Professor Barranco 3 (formerly), The Nosed Rabbid (formerly) Fate: Become good

As seen in the first game, Rabbids live together underground in The Glade of Dreams. However, they apparently forget this throughout the series, as in Rabbids Go Home, they think they are from the moon. At the end of the game, the Rabbids finally make it to the moon, so they currently reside there, but it is unknown how they got back to earth after the game. A rabbids brain is 20% small.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first 3 games, the rabbids are often seen with plungers. However, no plungers appear in Rabbids Go Home and in Rabbids Travel in time they use toilet brushes...the plungers will then return in Rabbids Invasion.
  • Rabbid do not need air and are amphibious as seen in Rabbids go Home, when they got the moon they did not sufficate although their face might swell up and in Rabbids Travel in Time they did not sufficate underwater in the Columbus game.
  • The Rabbids have lot of food they like such as carrots either solid or juiced, ice cream, cod livier juice, or anything else that they can get thier teeth on.
  • Although Rabbids seem dull-witted at times, they are intelligent enough to build complex robots, cook, make flying submarines, make a time machine, make UFOs, and among other things.
  • The Rabbid's leader is a Rabbid who has one blue eye and one red eye.
  • Rabbids also have Semi leader rabbids that are lazy and fat and always asking them to bring them food.
  • There are also many other notable rabbids: Pink is a robotic Rabbid, Serguei is a giant gorilla-like Rabbid and has a muzzle, Prof. Barranco is possibly the craziest and/or the smartest Rabbid of them all and has lot of injuries, Clark is a Superman-like Rabbid but its unknown if he can or can't fly or if he has any other super powers. Rabbinator is a cyborg Rabbid and his favorite food is revenge, he likes to time travel and his weak point is his belly because Rabbinator is maned by a smaller Rabbid in his belly and can be seen in America (Refference to Terrminator), The Space rabbids are an elite group of Rabbids and love eating Space Noodles and messing around and can be seen in Aisa (Refference to Power Rangers), Rabbid 2.0 is a giant Rabbid robot made of a flying submarine and is trying to find something that he can eat and the only way to defeat his is to fire or redirect missles at him and once he explodes he resembles himself but if he reasembles himself wrong he malfunctions and onece he's done he crashes but the odd thing is that he has to crash on land (Refference to Transformers), and the Rabbid Chef from outer space is possibly the (one and only) Rabbid cook and like corn with carrot sauce, he drives a shuttle although it is never seen and his weak point is his back but no one knows why that is and can be seen in Europe.
  • The Rabbid's eyes change color when they BWWWAAAAAAAAAA! Red when they're screaming,blue when they're calm, and green when they put the X-Box Kinect accessory in their mouths.
  • Rabbids are terrified of octopus ink.
  • The animal that is least like the Rabbid is the hare as comfirmed on one of the questions on the quiz place on Raving Rabbids Travel in Time.
  • The word Rabbids instead of rabbits means, the "D" from Rabbi(d)s it means Dumb
  • They appear as playable characters in the online game Super Brawl 3 and have their own stage called: Rabbids Apartment.They are on the evil side.
  • Their latest appearance is in the Android game Rayman Adventures where they serve as the main villains of the Easter event. During this event, a single Rabbid is placed on each level, sometimes hidden, and sometimes on the regular path. Their behavior varies from just standing in place to wandering around until they see the player and charge at them with their rolling pins. Upon defeating them with a single hit, the player would be rewarded with 2 Easter Eggs, which can be traded for Choco-Tickets, Choco-Eggs that unlock exclusive Incrediballs, or the Rabiteen costume. The rabbid can respawn in the same level only if the player was able to beat it, or if some time has passed. With the event being over, the rabbids are gone for now.


In the GamesEdit


Artwork featuring the very first sketch of a Rabbid as well as unused designs and the character model in Rayman 4

Not much is known from the Rabbids' origin or past. In  the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, Ly the Fairy tells Rayman that the Rabbids used to be peaceful creatures that lived in the Glade of Dreams, but however, were target for many crude jokes pulled by the people of the glade of dreams, causing the Rabbids to revolt and become uncontrollable, taking revenge on every one who tortured them. Throughout the series, the Rabbids are depicted as some sort of alien race. In Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, the Rabbids had submarines and UFOs to invade different countries of the world. Rabbids Go Home goes much deeper into this, in which it is suggested that Rabbids are from the moon. However, they may not be from the moon considering the Rabbids only thought it was their home because it looked shiny.

It is unknown if the Rabbids origins have changed since the Rabbids became their own series (as it is possible that Rabbids Go Home may have rebooted their origins), however within the Rayman series they presumably originated in the Glade of Dreams.

In the TV seriesEdit

In the TV series Rabbids Invasion, in the episode Jurassic Rabbid, the Rabbids discover an ancestor frozen in the ice. Once the ancestor is freed from the ice, he reveals to be much more intelligent than the other rabbids. He explains how Rabbids evolve and how their brain diminishes over the years. He is also capable of creating the time washing machine. This suggests, that the Rabbids have existed before mankind and may have been intelligent at some point, but for some reason decreasing their IQ as time went by. So within the TV series, they are apparently native to Earth (and/or the Earth's Moon as the Rabbids retain their obsession with it in the TV series).


Rabbids do not speak anything other than a gibberish onomapoeia that is pronounced Bwaah. Although there are a few exceptions.As they come from rayman's world their language could be Raymanian, For more infromation visit the page: Rabbid Language

Appereance and BiologyEdit

The Rabbids have very large, round eyes that are bulge out from their skull. Their pupils are a shade of blue. Hoewever, sometimes they will suffer a stange adrenaline rush which causes their eyes to turn red and also causes them to shout BWAAAH!!. When they are holding a Kinect accesory in their mouths, their eyes will turn green ( However, this is considered non-canon as this is merely a comical gag featured on posters for Rabbids: Alive and Kickingmouths, their eyes turn green) Their mouths are appear to be small when they are closed, but when it opens, it reveals a freakishly disturbing large mouth with only two square-shaped incisors. Their ears are small ovals on the top of their heads, they also have short and stubby arms and legs. Rabbids are shown to have naked bellies. Although, throughout the franchise, Rabbids slightly change their appereance. For more information, see Rabbid changes.

Rabbids are often depicted as extremely resilient, able to survive physical abuse that would kill most creatures. They are considered to be practically indestructible in Rabbids Invasion. In Rabbids Go Home, their bodies are implied to be indestructible it is implied that a game over is the result of them literally burning out their brains after running out of Light Bulbs (which represents the Rabbid running out of ideas). Their bodies are also extremely malleable. In Rabbids Go Home, their bodies can be altered with various tools, for example their ears and eyes can be enlarged or shrunk by filling or removing air from them. Their malleability allows them to fit through impossible openings (such as Toilets and their heads through a Traffic Cone) and even inside objects like the Wii Remote. While they are resilient, Rabbids are capable of feeling pain. They can apparently survive in the vacuum of space, which may serve as evidence that they originated on the moon (which lacks oxygen). However its should be noted that in Rabbids Go Home, a Cow is shown alive floating in space along with the Rabbids and the remains of The pile to the moon.


In the gamesEdit

The Rabbids are clearly shown to be mentally unstable. They have short attention spans, they can be eccentric, careless, pesky, mischievous and sometimes annoying. They enjoy dancing, harassing cows, and invading human stuff such as television, amusement parks and museums. Rabbid intelligence varies from being able to develop spacecraft and a Time Washing Machine, to being stupid enough to believe they were trapped inside a Shopping cart when they could have obviously been able to climb out of it. Rabbids are shown to be highly organized and capable of working together if they have a shared goal in mind.

In Rabbids InvasionEdit

The Rabbids are depicted as simple creatures who not as evil as their game counterparts (save for a few exceptions) and possess much longer attention spans. Rabbids possess an innate curiosity in the TV series. They sometimes still seem to have their careless, pesky, mischievous and annoying personality. They want to bond with humans at some times. Strangely, they sometimes like to help humans by copying/imitating the action of a human with a protective job (example: A Rabbid dressed up as a lifeguard to give rules for the Rabbids which ruined their fun; the lifeguard Rabbid also kept kicking out the octopus into the water like the real life guard did since it terrifies other humans). Rabbids retain their love of music and dancing, harassing cows, playing with the humans stuff, and their obsession with the Moon. They also possess a love of food and drinks such as Donuts and Pepper Juice.

Most Rabbids in the TV series possess low intelligence and are incapable of performing the simplest of tasks such as shown in the various episodes where Gina Xenson and John Charles scientifically test the Rabbids. They also fail to understand things such as the wind, shadows, and reflection.

However some Rabbids such as Professor Barranco 3, Rabbid Mozart, and Ancestor Rabbid are shown to be far smarter than their fellow Rabbids. Other Rabbids such as the FBI Rabbids possess some intelligence, though just slightly.


Dancing- As seen in all of the games, Rabbids are very skilled dancers. They can be seen dancing very often and in some minigames the character (rayman) can dance with them.

Strength-  Some Rabbids posess great physical strength as in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, they knock out humans in hotels and Michel Ancel in one of the teaser videos for the first game. In Rabbids Go Home, Rabbids are able to carry cows, airplanes and Bubble Beds without any problem. In Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, they are able to build pyramids.

Scream- The Rabbids' trademark Bwaaaah scream can be used  to literally scare the clothes off humans in Rabbids Go Home. The Rabbids use also this scream to break open vases in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time.

Alien Communication Song-  As seen in the demo for Rabbids Invasion, the Rabbids can sing an alien song to communicate with Earth species such as chickens and cows. When they sing this song to a chicken, it causes the chicken to lay an egg. However, when they sing this to the cow, it will defectate on the Rabbids instead. This song is a reference to the song used to communicate with the mothership in the movie Close Encounters of the 'Third Kind

Electrical powers-If a rabbid touches an electrical box.He get's electrical powers,with these he can move anything and make a radio work.He can also shock a rabbid with this.This is first seen in Radio Rabbid.

Invisibility- In the episode Invisible Rabbid, Professor Mad Rabbid creates a formula that makes him invisible.

Glowing- In the episode Glow Rabbid, a rabbid swallows a flash light, giving him this ability.

Animal speaking- a couple of rabbidfs are shown to be capable of this. They have the capability of communicating entirely through animal sounds. First, a rabbid in Rabbid Associates is seen doing this. Later, the Scientist Rabbid accidentally gains this ability in Animal Rabbid.

Alternate FormsEdit

Ancestor Rabbid - A prehistoric Rabbid who survived into the modern world after being cryogenically frozen in a block of ice. Unlike his modern day counterparts, Ancestor Rabbid possesses genius level intelligence comparable to that of a human, as ancient Rabbid brains where larger than modern Rabbids (it is revealed that the Rabbids were originally intelligent but their brains became smaller during the Ice Age). After being thawed out in Jurassic Rabbid, Ancestor Rabbid tries to impress his fellow Rabbids, but is frustrated by their lack of intelligence and decides to build a Time Washing Machine to travel back to his own time.

Cartoon Rabbid -   A Rabbid transformed into a two-dimensional Rabbid. First appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

Mad Rabbid - if a rabbid gets hit on the head badly, he quickly transforms in a rabbid with a disturbing laugh and face. However he became better then Professor Barranco 3 in everything and possesses increased intelligence. First appeared in Rabbid Mozart, an episode in Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Killer Rabbid-  A much more dark and aggressive form of a Rabbid, it is green, has yellow eyes and a sharp tail. It was originally supposed to appear in Attack of the Killer Rabbids From Outer Space but it was scrapped along with the game and the gameplay itself due to the fact that Rabbids are family-friendly characters

Rabbid Vampire- In Vampire Rabbids, two rabbids acidentally put on some growth formula, which made their hair and teeth grow. Making them resemble vampires.

Mini-Rabbid- A miniature version of a rabbid first introduced in Mini-Rabbid. He was once a normal rabbid until he accidentally ended up in a clothes dryer, causing him to get shrinked. He later re-appears in Mini-Rabbids vs Giant Chicken as the protagonist once again, and most recently in Rabbid on Film as an actor for a Rabbbids blockbuster movie.

Giant Rabbid- created in Mini Rabbid vs Giant Chicken after Mini-Rabbid has stepped into Professor Mad Rabbids machine, enlarging him. The same accident later happened in Gorilla Rabbid, only this time the accident happens to another rabbid who not only gets big because of this, but also starts behaving like a wild gorilla.

Rabbid Werewolf- first seen in the TV show episode of the same name, the Rabbid Werewolf was created after a normal Rabbid put hair growing shampoo on himself, which turned him into a slightly bigger, clawed hairy beast that acts depending on mood. If it is happy it will want to play, but if it is angry it will want to attack.

Rabbidstein- set to debut in the TV show episode of the same name, the Rabbidstein was created by the Mad Rabbid (originally called Rabbid Mozart) to serve as an assistant, at first he is very thirsty, which is why he acts weird. Soon, everyone becomes scared of him. However, after he has his drink, he is revealed to be very friendly. He is green skinned with stiches and his ears, eyes and arms are not where they should be.

Tiger Rabbid- at the end of Invisible Rabbid, Professor Mad Rabbid, in order to protect himself, creates a formula that gives him tiger DNA. (which is what he wanted to make in the first place). With it, he gained the power of loud roaring, capable of scaring any rabbid.

Fly Rabbid- Seen in the episode Mad Fly Rabbid when Professor Mad Rabbid accidentally gets induced with fly DNA due to a mishap. This causes his appearance to change drastically. In this form he has the body of a rabbid, but with black skin (resembling a fly's appearance), two wings and piercing mouthpart.

Radioactive Rabbid- First seen in the episode of the same name, the radioactive was made when a normal rabbid swallowed a piece of plutonium. This caused him to uncontrollably shift between multiple forms, including a small rabbid, a large one and even a fly rabbid upon contact with a normal fly.

List of things, places, and humans the Rabbids have invadedEdit

The Glade of Dreams (Rayman Raving Rabbids)

Countries around the world (Rayman Raving Rabbids 2)

Television (Rayman Raving Rabbids TV party)

Miami (Rabbids Go Home)

Baltimore (Rabbids Go Home)

Shopping mall (Rabbids Go Home)

The Wii (almost the entire series)

Nintendo DS (Rayman Raving Rabbids ,Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, and Rabbids Go Home)

The moon (Rabbids Go Home)

Hospital (Rabbids Go Home)

Museum (Raving Rabbids Travel in Time)

Historical periods (Raving Rabbids Travel in time)

Kinect (Rabbids Alive and Kicking)

Reality (Rabbids Alive and Kicking)

San Francisco (Rabbids Alive and Kicking)

The player's living Room (Rabbids Alive and Kicking)

The royal wedding (Video)

Social Games (Rabbids Invasion)

Nintendo 3DS (Rabbids 3D, Rabbids Rumble)

iPhone (Rabbids Go Phone)

Amusement Park (Rabbids Land)

iPad (Rabbids go HD)

Wii U (Rabbids Land)

Comic Books (The first Rabbids comic book)

Nickelodeon/Xbox One/PS4 (Rabbids Invasion)

Many places in Rayman Adventures.


Rabbids appear as plush toys in an amusement park in Splinter Cell

Rabbids are playable characters in the game Ninja Turtles Mashup

In Academy of Champions: Soccer,both Rayman and the Rabbids are playable characters

In the game Just Dance 2, a Rabbid will dance with the coreographer in the downlodable song Here Comes the Hotsepper

In a leaked trailer for Rayman Legends, Rayman is seen running through a forest while smacking Rabbids,which use roller pins as weapons...this was however scrapped in the final version of the game

In Just Dance 4, the song Make the Party( Don't Stop)'performed by Bunny Beatz, a Rabbid is seen as a DJ in the background

In the game The Settlers Online, during the easter event in 2012, a Rabbid statue can be placed and will emit a bwaaah scream when clicked.

In Red Steel, a reel-to-reel audio device emits various distorted sounds that are very similar to that of Rabbid screams.

In a teaser trailer for Far Cry Vengeance, we see a yellow-eyed Rabbid coming out of a bush only to be stepped on.

Its swado have seen on the PlayStation store near your profile

*Rabbids appear as hackeable toys in the video game ''Watch Dogs''

  • In the video game ''The Division'', a copy of the original Rayman Raving Rabbids can be seen lying on a shelf

*As of Easter of 2016, the Rabbids now appear as enemies in the mobile game ''Rayman Adventures'', where they carry easter eggs that can be acquired by the player once he has defeated them. This marks the first official appereance of the Rabbids in a Rayman game since Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party in 2008

In Popular Culture.Edit

In the Cartoon Network TV series: MAD, in the episode Everybody Loves Rayman, Rabbids are spoofed, along with many other characters from the Rayman series such as Globox, Betilla and Mr. Dark.

Rabbids Invasion (TV series)Edit

The rabbids appear as the main protagonists in rabbids invasion, The rabbid Quatrio is mostly seen. Although they are the main protagonists of the show in some episodes one or more of the rabbids are the main villains or sometimes just antagonistsic. See here The Nosed Rabbid and Hardhat Rabbid.

Relationships Edit

with their leader Edit

They are shown to care for him, as they wanted to make him a funeral when they thought he died. But they do turn against him sometimes.

With Rayman Edit

They both come from the same planet but don't really like each other. The Rabbids will imprison him and the baby Globoxes in the first game, but near the end of the game the rabbids will become great fans of him even though he always beats them up in minigames. In the other games of the series the rabbids don't seem to like Rayman anymore.

With each other Edit

They treat each other like family, but usually fight.


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