R.C. Rabbid is the 30th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


Steve and Ryan are messing around with a toy police car.


The episode begins with a woman buying her spoiled son, Thimothy a toy police car he demanded and screamed over and cried for. After finally getting what he wanted, Thimothy mocks two rabbids for not having the same possesion and goes away. Afterwards, the two rabbids find another toy police car and police equipment and decide to play with it. While one rabbid puts on the equipment and acts as a cop, trying to ticket his friend, who controls the toy car which causes trouble such as in the bathroom when women call it a rat. Soon they get into a fight in which the control stick for the car to get stuck on the rabbid who controlled it. The cop rabbid then decides to mess around with him. At the end, however,Thimothy runs them over with his car and mocks them again,but they fought back by putting the control stick on his forehead, which made him do anything the rabbids wanted, including attacking the people in the mall.