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Professor Barranco appears in the first Rayman Raving Rabbids. He is an injured Rabbid who has a black eye and bandages on his head. In the game, professor barranco is missing one tooth, however, in most artwork of the game he has both of his front teeth. His in-game description describes him as a scientist. He also appears in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 as an unlockable costume.A rabbid can be costumized to look like him in Rabbids Go Home.


Professor Barranco seems to be much younger than the other Rabbids. This can be proven by his short height and high pitched voice. He is the most innocent among all the Rabbids and never tries to harm Rayman in any of the mini-games. The only time where professor barranco is the main antagonist is in the mini game: Bunnies don't do ostriches.Where he tries to stop rayman from pulling the super bunnies from the ground. Professor Barranco is the Rabbid that is mistreated the most in the first game as he is blown up by a booby trapped gift, stepped on by Serguei and constantly wacked on the head by other Rabbids. Barranco is always being pushed around and being bullied by other rabbids.


Name: Professor Barranco 1

Voice: Yoann Perrier

Relatives: Professor Barranco 2 (1st clone), Professor Barranco 3 (2nd clone),

Allies: Professor Barranco 2, Professor Barranco 3 (possibly), Rabbids, the moon, Humans, Ducks

Enemies: Rayman, The Verminators, Humans (formerly)

Other names: The bandage wearing rabbid.

Weapons: None

Quote: BWAAAH.

Commanders: Professor Barranco 3

Fate: unknown

Trivia Edit

  • If Barranco 1 is indeed younger than the rest, than it is logical that Professor Barranco 3 was born after Rayman raving rabbids 1 and before 2, which means that the length of time of those two games takes many years.