Prisoner Rabbid is the 51st episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series).


The rabbids are fighting over balls.


The episode begins with two rabbids hanging around. Afterwards, they see a ball popping out of nowhere, intrigued by it, they both seek to claim it. They get in a fight for it and accidentally destroy it. Soon, however, another ball comes and the rabbids get the help of a dog for it, but destroy it yet again. Another ball comes and gets in traffic, tempting the rabbids to follow it, but pop it again. Soon, yet another one comes and gets stuck at a traffic sign, so the rabbids try to get it off, but fail multiple times. They soon get in a big, kung-fu-like fight for the ball. The fight leads them to nowhere, as they once again lose the ball. Causing them to once again feel very sad and depressed because of this. At the end, another ball comes again, and it is revealed that the one throwing the balls is the old man Louie, who seems to like the rabbids fighting over it, as it amuses him.