Rabbids Invasion Two Rabbids drinking Pepper Juice

Two Rabbids drinking Pepper Juice

Pepper Juice is a soft drink that appears in Rabbids Invasion. It is the Rabbids favorite beverage. Certain episodes center on the Rabbids trying to obtain some. In other episodes they are seen casually drinking it in Rabbidland.

Season 1Edit

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A Rabbid manage to grab a can of Pepper Juice in Rabbid Market

Pepper Juice first appeared in Rabbid Market where the Rabbid Quatrio search for some at a local supermarket and end up chasing Kevin dressed as the Pepper Juice Mascot.

Rabbids Invasion Pepper Juice Mascot Guy (Rabbid Market)

Kevin dressed as the Pepper Juice Mascot in Rabbid Market

Its makes a cameo in Kite Rabbids as the wind blows away a empty can of Pepper Juice.

It would appear in Snoring Rabbid, as an energy drink that helps a Rabbid get hyper enough to carry a shopping cart.

In Pecking Rabbid, A chick forces a Rabbid to bring him food and one of the pieces of food is a can of Pepper juice.

One of it's most known appearances is in Raving Thirst, In the episode, two rabbids in the desert, very thirsty. One rabbid, completely dehydrated, sees a sign with the Pepper Juice logo After realizing it's fake, they follow a truck that has the Pepper Juice sign on it, knowing it has drinks. The second rabbid, however, sees a pond of water and tries to tell his friend but he doesn't listen to him. After getting to the truck and taking the drinks, they accidentally, fall off and get into traffic, with the soda cans rolling beside them, they falls off the hill and land on a beach. The second rabbid takes the can and finally drinks a can. However, his formerly calm friend doesn't get to soothe his thirst so soon he becomes the same as his friend.

The drink has since made multiple appearances and cameos such as Rabbid Diet, Star Rabbids, Welcome to Rabbidland, Mafia Rabbids, Wild West Rabbid, and many more episodes.

Mascot & SloganEdit

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Rabbids watching the Pepper Juice commercial in Rabbid Market

The slogans for Pepper Juice in Rabbid Market is "Pepper Juice makes you peppy!" and "Feel the pepper! Pepper Juice, on sale now!".

Pepper Juice is represented by a muscular cartoon Pepper which appears in commercials, advertisements, and on Pepper Juice cans. Ironically, the Rabbids love the Pepper Juice mascot as shown in Rabbid Market when they become angry when commercial for Pepper Juice switches from the dancing Pepper Juice mascot to a man in a white tuxedo promoting the drink. Kevin is shown dressed as a pepper juice mascot promoting the drink in Rabbid Market, but ends up being chased by the Rabbids. He later forces the Rabbids to work as Pepper Juice mascots, however they enjoy the role due to their love of dancing, even getting to female customers to dance along with them.