Pecking Rabbid is the 49th episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


a Chick is making a rabbid bring it food


A Rabbid meets a little chick. At first, he thinks the chick is cute, but soon it starts wanting food and it eats a pretzel the Rabbid had and attacks him. He tries to run away from the chick, but the chick wants him to bring more food. He quickly brins the chick food, but the chick eats it very quick and orders more food. Forcing the rabbid on a shopping spree of food. However, the chick then became so fat of eating all of the food it couldn't move and couldn't eat anymore. The Rabbid then mocks him and walks away with another pretzel and finds a shack where another Rabbid is watching eggs hatch. Three baby chicks hatch and attack the 1st Rabbid for the pretzel.

Trivia Edit

  • The main antagonist:Chick