On the Rabbid Trail is the 78th and final episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion. It is Part 3 of the three-part season finale.

Plot Edit

The super Rabbids board the president's plane.

Summary Edit

In his plane, the USA President is ready to sign the contract that will have their forces attack the rabbids. However, before he can do so, the three rabbids accidentally crash into his plane. Here he realises that the rabbids are not a threat, they're just really stupid. However, his team (and John) mistake this crashing as an attack, so they decide to crash the plane to terminate the threat. They shoot out a missile that causes the plane to start falling down. The President, showing more of his athletic abilities, tries to get a parachutes for himself and the rabbids. But the rabbids don't understand and keep getting rid of the parachutes. Finally, the President falls out of the plane. However, the rabbids show their heroic side by saving his life. Impressed by their bravery, he calls back his order attack the rabbids and decides to let them peacefully leave. However, John doesn't take this seriously and pulls out his gun to stun the Rabbids and take them to his lab. Thankfully, his shot is backflired back at him. The Rabbids then leave.