Odd Rabbid Out is the 4th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Plot Edit

Lapinibernatus tries to get his time traveling device back from the Rabbids.

Summary Edit

This episode reveals how Lapinibernatus is in the junkyard and is working on his TV time machine in the first place. It is revealed that the Rabbids have taken his time washing machine for one of their moon attempts. Lapinibernatus tries to get it back by asking help from the humans, but they don't understand him. Afterwards, he falls into a pipe leading to the junkyard where he sees his machine strapped to fireworks. He quickly latches onto it in mid-flight and tries to unstrap the fireworks, but fails. Realizing that they have destroyed his precious possession and hurt him, the rabbids find him the TV that he was working on in previous episodes. Causing a row of the countless moshaps that have occurred previously, and with more to come.