Nurse Betty is a character in Rabbids Go Home.She had a liking to Barney,an really sick patient,and later married him.

Rabbids Go HomeEdit

She is first seen introducing herself to Barney,which he does too.She can be seen in other levels with Barney and can be left naked.She is last seen in her and Barney's wedding,she is in a white Verminator outfit.The rabbids decided to crash the wedding and steal Barney again.But before they could do that a Kung Fu-like Verminator attacks them,but they easily defeat him.After they steal Barney and they all go through the toilet.Betty comes screaming to them to give Barney back while she looks through the toilet.


  • On her wedding while in Verminator outfit once the rabbids get Barney they emediately leave,without screaming at her and leave her naked.This made her the only Verminator not to be able to get left naked.

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