Never Refreeze a Rabbid is the 27th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids are playing around with freezers.


The episode starts with a rabbid who is playing with a straw. He then sees to other Rabbids that are happy when Mona opens a freezer, and sad when she closes it. A rabbid decides to cool himself while the freezer is open, but Mona closes the freezers door on him and traps him inside.The rabbid first begins to worry but soon gets excided.He then notices how  his hands gets stuck on the freezer door every time he puts them on it.And does the same thing with his face.One of the rabbids start to do the same thing but his face doesn't get stuck,as he is outside the freezer.He gets mad and tries to do everything the rabbid in the freezer does,who only does the same thing.The rabbid with the straw wants to join them but they ignore him,he then sadly walks away while the rabbid in the freezer starts to,well,freeze.However the other rabbid sees mona again,she opens the freezer,but the other rabbid enters it instead.The rabbid commands him to get out of the freezer,but he ignores him.Meanwhile the first rabbids ears get stuck to the freezer.And he sreams in despair.Mona opened the freezer again and sended the already injured rabbid flyng away.Mona acidentally takes the rabbid that was in the freezer.And the injured rabbid starts running to the opened freezer,but runs into it's door and closes it.After that the rabbid that is still in the freezer notices that he is freezing.Mona smells the rabbid she picked up and said he smells like he's gone bad,and throws him away,the rabbid lands on freeze box and slides on it.The injured rabbid,and many other rabbids see this.The sliding rabbid bumps into a shelf.While the other rabbids clap.They want to do the same thing and want to open the freezer to get the freeze boxes.While the first rabbid is completely frozen,with only his eyes moving.He then struggles to get free but fails.The other rabbids want to open the freezer with a fork,but end up flyng away.The injured rabbid sees a woman and makes a cute pose and she finds him cute.He tells her to open the freezer for him,but she didn't understand.The rabbid then starts to be normal and mimes to her what to do,but she just walks away.He then sees Mona again and grabs her leg.But she starts sreaming and grabs a man and they all spin around.The man hits the freezer and faints,while the door opens.And all of the freeze boxes fall down.Making the other rabbids happy.They play around with the boxes and slide on them.The injured rabbid finds this entertaining and decides to do thast too.But all of the boxes wharw taken.He then goes insane (more than a rabbid is usually) and then sits in the middle.He then blows on the straw (what he did in the beggining) and sees a rabbid sliding and gets mad again.He throws the straw at the man (who got up),and the man hits a freezer door again and runs away.The freezer opens,the injured rabbid decides to go inside.But he then sees the frozen rabbid.Who's ears are finnaly detached from the freezer door.The injured rabbid then slides on the frozen one all around the mall while other rabbids follow him.At the end the register guy registers the frozen boxes with the rabbids still on them.The frozen rabbid's hands and mouth unfreeze and he falls down.And then slides on his back while Mona chases after him.


  • This is one of the episodes that doesen't have a villain.