Music Rabbid is the 28th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


Two Rabbids and a Seagull are listening and dancing to music records and interfere another rabbid's beauty sleep.


Two rabbids discover a record player and dance and sing to it. Soon, a seagull comes and at first bothers the two, but then they start to get along and dance and sing together. While doing this however, they are interrupting another rabbid's beauty sleep.He tries to tell them to be quiet, but they simply mocking him. The tired rabbid tries many ways to get some sleep, like shoving bananas into his ears or putting a traffic cone over his head. However, none of these things work. This causes the rabbid to not get any sleep. Angered and tired, the rabbid decides to exact revenge on the loud trio by piling a bunch of music players in front of them. He then puts on big headphones that isolate him from any kind of sound and turns the music players on. This causes the rabbids to literally get blasted away from the beach.


  • Main antagonist(s):the first and second Rabbids and a Seagull
  • The way the villain(s) of this episode are defeated are one of the most violent ways a villain got defeated in the show.