Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink and Mr. Blue

Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink and Mr. Blue are three burgulars who wear rabbit masks and the main antagonists of the Rabbids Invasion season 1 finale, Rabbid Stick-Up.

They plan to do a robbery in a bank, and think that the rabbids are their helpers, however, during the robbery the rabbids actually put all the money back and sound the alarm. At the end, Mr. Pink get's arrested, Mr.Blue ends up with two rabbids in the escape van, but Mr. Brown's fate is left unknown, though he most likely got arrested or escaped.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that one of the burgulars is the Fugitive/Burgular from previous episodes
  • There was another thief named Mr. White in which the burgulars mistaked the rabbids for while the real Mr. White was playing a "follow the ball" game on the sidewalk.