Moo Rabbids is the 21st episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion. It aired alongside Scout Rabbids and Jurassic Rabbid


Several Rabbids play with a cow in a can toy.

Plot Edit

The rabbids found a cow can,while one ends up with three water rings on him the others play with the can.They see that the rabbid cannot find his friends (due to the rings) so they play around with him using the can in a Marco-Polo sort of way. Until one of them swallows it, causing thier attention to go to this rabbid, but he gets it out soon. At the end a seagull pops the rabbid's rings and he flies away and lands back.The other rabbids see this and immediately start a liking to this. So they also get water rings and meet with him again so they can fly together.


Damien Laquet- Rabbids






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