Mona Rabbida is the 26th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


A Rabbid travels back in time and falls in love with the famous Mona Lisa painting.


The episode begins with two rabbids playing tennis, one bearing a tennis racket, and the other keeps switching between many objects to please as a racket. He accdientally gets hit by the ball and lands in the TV time machine, which takes him back to the year 1503 where he finds the Mona Lisa painting. Seeing that it can be used as a racket, the rabbid takes it and goes back. When he comes back, his opponent instantly falls in love with the painting, so he switches with his friend and goes away with the painting to spend time with it. He soon goes as far as to propose to the painting and drawing a ring on the finger. Realizing that the only way to stop this madness is to fight fire with fire, the other rabbid creates a female out of a racket, a wig, two tennis balls for eyes and a banana for mouth. He starts bothering the rabbid in love and soon they get in a fight. The rabbid in love takes the banana, tennis balls and wig off the racket while his friend paints over the Mona Lisa and draws a tennis racket over it. They then decide to make peace and play tennis again. However, this changes soon when the rabbid goes back in time and switches the Mona Lisa with the painted-over one.