Louie's wife (Mona being more of a fan name) is a character and sometimes a minor antagonist in Rabbids Invasion. however she is the main antagonist of the episode: Dueling Rabbids.

In Rabbid Mollusk she appears as the tertiary villain and keeps bossing Louie around. At the end Gerald the Octopus lands on her face after the crash and she shouts out to Louie Clouseau, who is tired of her and just ignored her.

She either appears as a backrgound character or minor antagonist in other episodes until Dueling Rabbids.

In Dueling Rabbids she is the main villain for the first time. She attacks the first two rabbids with her stick and puppy Fifi . However the third rabbid arrives with the now reformed bulldog from Rabbids Say Cheese, who scares Fifi away and making her go after her.

In Rabbid Test N°98004-c: The Animals, one of the test subjects, a dog looks exactly like her dog Fifi.

In Rabbids Invasion-The Interactive TV Show, She tells you what to do in the interactive mini games.


In some episodes she appears to be nice, but in other episodes on the other hand it can be seen that she is very stubborn.