The Magician Rabbid is a rabbid fraud who acts as if he knows actual magic in order to be fameous and a villain in the Rabbids franchise. He serves as a minor villain in the GBA version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, and as the main antagonist in the Rabbids Invasion (TV series) episode Queen of the Rabbids. The Magician Rabbid's name is Kyle.

Rayman Raving Rabbids (GBA) Edit

He is one of the many rabbids to kidnap Rayman, and later refuses to let him go on in the level 'The Kid's Hamlet' in the Child World. However, proposes a deal, in which Rayman is to go in his tent and play a minigame. Rayman accepts and beats the minigame, forcing the rabbid to let him pass.

Rabbids Invasion Edit

He constantly tricks his public into thinking that he is a real sorcerer in order to grant himself fame. However upon meeting a young girl named Alice, and upon seeing how good she is at her own magic tricks. The Rabbids start liking her instead of him. This angers him, so he decides to make the public hate her by revealing that she is not magic either, however this backflires and she remains popular. However one of her tricks accidentally launches him into a nearby electricity station. Later, it is revealed that the electricity granted him the power to channel it through a little antenna (similairly to a previous episode) and attempts to get revenge by electrocuting the girl, soon her father comes and they attempt to leave, but the magician doesn't allow them to. He angrily tries to kill them both, luckily, a rabbid that took the father's phone uses it to reflect the electricity back at him, which knocks him out. At the end of the episode, a rabbid uses real magic to turn him into a chicken.

In Rabbid Mate, a rabbid is seen having the same clothing as the Magician Rabbid, it is currently unknown if this is the Magician seen previously, or another rabbid dressed the same as him.

Appearence Edit

In his first appearance he is gray with a magician's hat, in the TV show, he is white with full magician clothing.