Mad Rabbidroid is a Rabbidroid that serves as the main antagonist of the Rabbids Invasion episode Mad Rabbid vs. the Robots.

Rabbids Invasion Edit

Professor Mad Rabbid builds this robot to serve as a cook for him, until it grows self-aware and creates more and more robots as his army and plans to get to the moon by himself and then conquer the world. However, Professor Mad Rabbid manages to, with the help of his friends, collapse their project, sending them falling down and break. The Mad Rabbidroid tries one last attempt to attack, but is thwarted when a remaining piece lands on him. Returning him to his normal self. However, it is hinted at the end that he might only fake it and is still planning something.

In the Rabbidbowl two-parter, multiple Mad Rabbidroids serve as the secondary antagonists. The episode begins with the rabbids starting their Rabbidbowl (a sport that has the rabbids getting a brick through tires) tournament, with Mini-Rabbid, Gorilla Rabbid and a nerdy rabbid as the fans. Lapinibernatus gets annoyed by this and tries to leave in the TV time machine. However, it doesn't work because the power source, the Electro Plunger is missing. Lapinibernatus sees that the plunger is being used as the ultimate prize of winning the tournament. He demands to have it back, but this does nothing. He then sees that the mach is over and that the match is starting. He decides to use this as an advantage, he gathers up the three fans on the bench and forms his own team. However, their mach is against Professor Mad Rabbid and his Mad Rabbidroids. At first, the situation doesn't go well, but Lapinibernatus manages to get the three players do better. However, Professor Mad Rabbid, showing a more cheating side, plants a tracker on the brick and uses a remote to constantly score goals. Ultimately causing Lapinibernatus's team to lose, thus leading Mad Rabbid's team to the finals agains the Mafia Gang. At the end a rabbid who was vacuuming a floor discovers what happened and that the Professor cheated, and a To Be Continued screen shows up.

In Part 2 Picking up where we left off, we see Professor Mad Rabbid and his Mad Rabbidroids celebrate in a rabbid bar, only to get exposed for cheating by a rabbid and getting arrested. Leading into the disqualification of the entire team.