Louie Clouseau is a recurring character and deuteragonist in Rabbids Invasion. He has a shop on the beach and another house on a farm.

He is first seen in Rabbid Mollusk, where his wife keeps bossing him around. Every time he cleans the window, it gets messy again, however when the rabbids throw the octopus and it begins to land on the window, he kicks it right on the Pepé's car window and goes fishing. Unaware that the car crashed in his home. His wife shouts out to him, but he just ignores her.

He is seen in Stop! No More! where he gave Brian Lickwood a music card.

He doesen't appear as a background character in other episodes as much as he's wife.

In Prisoner Rabbid, we is shown to like how the Rabbids behave and repeatedly throws balls near them to see what they do.


  1. Full Name: Louie Clouseau
  2. Voice: Unknown
  3. Relatives:Mona Clouseau (wife), Thimothy Gluant (grandson)
  4. Allies:Rabbids, Brian Lickwood, Jacques Garrett
  5. Enemies:Gerald the Octopus, Jessica Xenson, John Charles
  6. Quote:"Hey!, come back here ya little whipper snapper!
  7. Commanders:None
  8. Fate:Unknown