Lost Rabbids is the 61st episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series).

Plot Edit

The rabbids get locked in the supermarket with Alice during closing time.

Summary Edit

Two Rabbids are causing trouble at the supermarket while searching for batteries. They manage to find some batteries in a battery recycling bin. Meanwhile Alice and her babysitter Zoe are shopping at the supermarket. While Zoe is distracted taking to her friend on her phone as usual, Alice wonders off when she finds her doll's battery die and finds one of the batteries dropped by the Rabbids using it to get her doll to talk again, attracting the Rabbids attention. Zoe fails to notice Alice is not in her bike-like stroller and leaves the supermarket just as its closing. As a result, Alice and the Rabbids are left behind in the closed supermarket. Alice is convinced by the Rabbids that instead of worrying about her situation she should relax and have fun with the Rabbids in the now empty store. However while they are enjoying themselves, they accidentally activate the store's Neatbot which attacks the Rabbids when it detects they are covered in food and dirt. While the Rabbids flee from the Neatbot, Alice realizes they could use it to break down the supermarket's doors in order to escape. As she tries to lead the Neatbot to the door, she ends up slipping and falling down as the Neatbot rolls towards her. Fortunately, the Rabbids come to her defense and manage to unintentionally deactivate the Neatbot. The Rabbids & Alice then convert the Neatbot into a vehicle which they use to break down the door, just as Zoe returns to the store after realizing Alice was not with her and ends up chasing after Alice as she flies away with the Rabbids.