La Machine a Voyager dans le Tems, french for The Time Machine is a 4-D simulator attraction in the French attraction Futuroscope. It is be based around the Rabbids and their Time Washing Machine. More specifically, the attraction is be based on Raving Rabbids Travel in Time. The attraction officially opened on December 21, 2013. It recevied a THEA award for Outstanding Achievement in the category Best Attractions in 2014 and European Star Award twice (in 2014 and 2015). It is also the second occasion that rabbids are voiced by Damien Laquet.

Description Edit

The audience will be able to travel through time with the Rabbids and interact with them via special 4D glasses. They will be able to experience various historical time periods such as the the creation of the olympic games and the discovery of fire.

Plot Edit

The ride begins by showing the rabbids destroying a bathroom and accidentally discovering the Time Washing Machine, which takes them back to the Ice Age, where they help a caveman discover fire and ward off a mammoth. They then go into the Greek era at the Olympics where they trash the arena and take the medals. Afterwards, they are warped to an Indian tribe base and bring them water. They get in a fight with a hawk and accidentally make a totem pose. Making the indians worship them. Finally they warp to Beethoven's house and accidentally make the opening tune of his 5th simphony, warp a UFO to take an astronaut to the moon and then return back to the present. Ending the ride.