Jurassic Rabbid is the 20th episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion.


The Rabbids unfreeze a Rabbid ancestor that was frozen in the ice.


The rabbids encauntered there ancestor frozen in a block of ice.They managed to unfreeze him,but he is shown to be smarter,shorter and has a deeper voice.After a few tries of showing intelligence,he became sad becaouse of his predcesor's stupidy,to cheer him up.They froze themselves in a freezer,while he created a Time washing machine and traveled through time with it.The two men that found the ancestor came back and saw the frozen rabbids.



Damien Laquet - Rabbids (voice)   



This is the first episode in which a Rabbid is smarter than the rest.

First time the Rabbids' intelligence is explained.(It is probaly non canon since Rayman appears amost every Rabbids comic book)

The Time Washing Machine from Raving Rabbids Travel in Time appears for the first time

The Rabbid ancestor's voice is lower than the rest of the Rabbids.

The Rabbid ancestor is slightly smaller than the modern Rabbids.

In this episode, the Rabbids know how to open a freezer, but in Never Refreeze a Rabbid they don't know.

It is suspected that the ancestor rabbid is the ancestor of none other than Professor Barranco 3.

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